Rocklin Estates

A 55 or Better Manufactured Home Community

Frequently Asked Questions about Rocklin Estates

Formerly known as Rocklin Mobile Home Park

How big is the community?
157 units plus more coming in a new expansion in the next several years, making the park close to 200 spaces.

If I buy a manufactured home there, will I own the land?
No. Home prices are for just the home, and do not reflect the high cost of land in the area. Spaces for the homes are rented.

How much is the monthly rent?
Rent starts at $700 per month, plus about $61 for sewer and garbage. Gas, electric, and water service are metered.

Are there any other costs or fees I might encounter?
Telephone service, cable or satellite TV, Internet services, and yard maintenance are not paid for by the park and are costs a resident might incur. Homeowner insurance and Personal Property Taxes are another expense.

Are there pet restrictions?
Yes. All pets require manager approval, must be indoor pets.

What kind of other rules are there?
A full list of park rules and regulations is available with your application for residency, but most involve common sense, getting park approval, and common courtesy to your neighbors.